Let’s face it—Sundays are “supposed” to be for studying and preparing for the upcoming week, but the truth is that a very large percentage of us college students use that day a little bit differently. Our philosophy believes that Sundays are a day to enjoy and to do the things we have been thinking about throughout the whole week but had not had time to do. For some, a Sunday funday means attending a “darty” (day party), going to the beach, grabbing lunch with friends, or simply laying in bed watching 13 Reasons Why for hours. In my case, when I woke up and saw a beautiful spring day outside my window, I decided to go to Providence’s famous Roger Williams Park. To be honest, it was the best Sunday funday I have had in while.

Let’s thank God for the 70-degree weather for a second. After spending almost four months wrapped up in tons of fabric, I am highly excited to go out in something short. It is personally much easier to plan a look for warm weather than for cold weather. For a day in the park, my outfit certainly had to be a comfortable one, but you know, comfortable does not mean boring. Strolling around in something tight was not an option. Consequently, the vibe called to wear a denim skirt—form fitting, but loose enough to walk around the park with no problem—my traditional white sneakers (which carry with them many stories), and a plain, white button-down shirt.

When the time came for giving the outfit a little twist, I brought my mother’s vintage horseshoe cropped jacket. For those who are not familiar with the term, a vintage item is often old and of high quality and lasting value. That definition fits the piece perfectly. After many years, it is still intact. I wore it with the basic style I had on already and spiced it up. I was suddenly color coordinated with Roger Williams Park, and I totally loved it.

With vintage pieces like this one, it is easy to go back in time either by looking a it and remembering the years it has been with you and for the occasions you have worn it or just by creating a outfit that looks like you are going for a walk in 1992. Big brown sunglasses and high bun to finish the style, and it already looks like your next Sunday funday.