Summer break is right around the corner and just like the Sublime song goes “summertime and the livin’s easy.” Being raised in sunny Miami, Florida, I was lucky to have the summer season all year-round. I did not realize how fortunate I was until I moved up north and got to experience other seasons like fall, winter and spring.

I know that pretty much every college student is anxiously waiting for summer break. Whether it’s for tanning by the pool, the beachside, bonfires, music festivals or just over all relaxation. All of these things are powerful enough to give a college student the willpower to finish off the semester strong.

Summer attire is hands down one of my favorites because you can get away with wearing breezy dresses all summer long. My look is loosely inspired by Diane von Furstenberg spring 2015 collection. I loved how she paired a printed top with a fitted pair of denim jeans.

Similarly, I wore a thrifted floral print top and instead, I opted for a pair of (also thrifted) high-waisted denim shorts. A quick life hack for you Fashionistas/os: these shorts were actually really long pants that I cut into shorts. My top had really long sleeves, and I did the same! So whenever you are out thrifting and you find a really good pair of high-waisted denim pants, but they are too long, you can make them into shorts! To finalize my look, I paired this ensemble with a pair of black sandals.

Get My Look: 1. A flower print top. 2. Cute denim shorts. 3. Cool black sandals.