May 12th, 2015 at 2:05am

This season’s fashion collections are bolder than ever. Designers are experimenting with a lot of interesting shapes and concepts for summer looks. My favorite is the oversized sunhat by J.W. Anderson. This object may seem like an absurd disk of leather, but it brings an interesting touch to the collection. Most of the pieces have a nautical, summery attitude that we all can relate to.

I related the most with look 28 of his collection because I could see myself buying it. Obviously, it’s a little intense for the everyday college student, but I love the shape and attitude it has. The angular dress has random details and is very unique. Although the materials of the outfit are winter-like, the design of the dress makes it perfect for warm temperatures.

The main two trends I took away from Anderson’s look are the oversized hat and exposed arms. I knew that Anderson’s hat was unique to the brand, so I wanted to wear a hat that was unique to me. My oversized sunhat is more wearable and feminine than Anderson’s. I love the flexibility of this hat and the ability to mix and match it with many outfits that I own. It’s a fun accessory to pop on before heading to the beach or pool.

Anderson’s look also inspired me to show off my arms in a new way. My bright blue romper accomplishes this well. The full-length sleeves have two long slits, which keep me cool. I’m able to have the sophistication of a long sleeve outfit but not be overwhelmed by fabric. The romper has a carefree feel to it that I love wearing. This outfit feels bright and happy for the start of summer.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized sunhat. 2. A fun light romper. 3. The classic nude lip.