November 30th, 2016 at 2:06am

From cozy blankets to hot chocolate, I have been enjoying my favorite season! I love this time of the year because I’m able to show off my neutral pieces. I would argue that fall and winter are my favorite seasons because I am able to play around with outerwear and layering. My current obsession would have to be tan suede. I love mixing tan, black and white so it’s perfect for my aesthetic!

This is definitely one of my go-to outfits for the fall because I feel extremely confident and presentable when I leave my apartment. The suede jacket and matching ankle boots help to tie this whole ensemble together. Jackets and ankle boots are probably my weakness and I love pairing them together! As for my accessories, I like to stay true to my minimalist look. I tend to go for more delicate, silver pieces that accentuate my outfit. My favorite items are the two rings shown I’m wearing for this look. I constantly have them on, not only because they’re chic, but they also go with everything in my wardrobe! I’ve recently fallen in love with canvas tote bags. This one I got from ASOS, and it definitely adds a cool twist while still remaining neutral.

If it feels a little chillier outside, I love throwing on a good scarf. My top choices are the black and white grid scarves. They add a fun pattern that completes my look. What I love about my style is the versatility I have in almost all of my pieces. When I go out shopping, I try to picture how many different ways I can style a piece and what type of blog post I want to get out of it. Until next time, stay RAD my lovelies!