STYLE GURU STYLE: Styling Staples

STYLE GURU STYLE: Styling Staples

If you know me, you’ll know that I love to express myself through fashion every day. Expressing your unique self is an important part of being human, but you don’t have to define yourself to any one style. In fact, writing this article is a challenge for me because I don’t wear just one style. Some days I prefer to be girly, while others I’ll dress in all black. My campus style varies from band T-shirts to thrift shop finds to professional dresses with tights.

There are a few pieces that never change between my outfits. My staple pieces can go from day to night and weekday to weekend. You’ll almost never find me without them. They give my constantly changing style a feeling of cohesion. Versatility in my favorite pieces helps me live a more sustainable way as well. Less pieces in my wardrobe means less material waste.

The first staple in my wardrobe is my gray overcoat. I found this in a local thrift store. It is a classic piece with a unique twist. Instead of a cinched waist, it has a more boxy, modern shape. This is perfect to dress up an athleisure outfit, like this one, or pair with a sharp white button down and men’s inspired trousers.

I can’t go anywhere without my crossbody bag. I love wearing gold accents right now, and the gold chain complements my olive skin tone perfectly. The ivory color is perfect to transition from late winter into early spring and, of course, I’m obsessed with those fuzzy keychains.

My Adidas sneakers are the perfect cool-girl piece and are more versatile than you think. While my overcoat dresses this outfit up, my sneakers make it perfect for a weekend walking adventure in the city. I love to pair these sneakers with my staple black skinny jeans, but they can even be worn with a satin slip dress or a skirt to give a casual cool vibe.

Finally, my gold bar necklace is like a second skin. When I find a necklace I’m obsessed with, I very rarely take it off. This feels like a signature of mine on any outfit—it’s not “me” without it. A signature piece can be anything you want. It could be a bracelet, a favorite hair tie, or anything that makes you feel unique.

Whether your style is grunge, preppy, or a new style everyday like me, pulling everything together with unique staple pieces is key in creating your unique style.