STYLE GURU STYLE: Styled for Spring

April doesn’t always bring showers. And on those sunny and warmer days, it’s nice to dress up a bit. As we shed layers, our cardigans are lighter and the dressed up looks of winter change a bit. We transition into more colors, more detail and show off a little more leg.

My dressed up spring look is inspired by the spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection from Christian Siriano. This collection features a lot of lace and cutouts that make for an interest statement. While most of the looks are neutral and layer white on white, I chose to take this inspiration and add a splash of color to it.

My army green skirt and mustard cardigan are a unique pairing that really works together. They are both based in earth tones, creating a very warm and laid back vibe to my outfit. Both pieces are also very comfortable and slightly casual, making this look simple and perfect for class or a nice day out on the town.

To balance out the warmer earth tones, I added a pair of mint flats. Mint is a very popular color in the spring because it is the best of the pastel palette that comes with the new sunshine. However, by pairing it with different and unexpected colors, it creates a unique spring statement. On chillier and maybe windier days, I could switch these flats out for a pair of dark, neutral knee socks and booties.

The lace and cutouts come in with my halter-styled top. This shirt is lightweight and has a very bohemian feel to it. It allows me to show off my style in a neutral way and balances out the color in the rest of my look.

I completed my outfit with gold and white accent jewelry that is simple, yet dresses up the look a little more.

So don’t be afraid to show some leg and dress up on those warmer spring days! Sometimes just what you need to get through day is a cute and casual outfit that allows you to feel confident in your style. Lace, cutouts and unexpected color combinations are the perfect way to get started.

Get My Look: 1. A casual skirt. 2. A lace shirt. 3. A colorful cardigan.