STYLE GURU STYLE: Strut Beautifully (And Comfortably)

Throughout most of my writing I have mentioned, and seriously cannot stress enough, how important comfort is to me. Whether it be the material of a garment or the style of a particular piece, comfort is key. I am the type of girl that cannot stand skintight clothing that I have to squeeze into and adjust every time I move. I truly believe that being comfortable goes hand in hand with radiating confidence, and that confidence is beauty. This same sense of comfort and style was portrayed in A Détacher‘s most recent ready-to-wear collection. The colors were offbeat and fabrics were loose. Mona Kowalska said she wanted the clothes to look (and probably feel as cozy as) hand-me-downs.

In this week’s outfit I feel 100 percent comfortable because I was able to pair some of my favorite pieces together to celebrate the debut of spring in Michigan. With the snow quickly melting, I was very eager to break out my favorite article of clothing—a sundress! This purple peacock print dress was a gift from my best friend. Not only does it have sentimental value but also fits and feels perfect. The silk-like fabric is so soft. It skims my body nicely without being too clingy and has a high-low cut to add movement. Every girl should have a favorite sundress that they can rely on to brighten any day.

Since it isn’t quite summer yet, a cardigan is a must to keep the light breeze at bay. I chose one that mimicked the cut of the dress. It also looked like a similar fabric used in Kowalska’s collection. I love the swish and sway from the light fabric of the dress and cardigan when walking around campus,

To keep things in true Margaux style­, add Dr. Martens and pile on jewelry. My Dr. Martens are my favorite footwear. They go with almost anything and are always a perfect choice to keep things grungy. I also feel best when my hands are covered in my favorite rings. I have rings from trendy boutiques and thrift stores, but my utmost favorite is a gold engagement ring with a dark emerald handed down to me by my French grandmother. Being able to look down at it and know that I have a part of her with me is an extremely reassuring feeling.

Feeling good in one’s outfit and emitting an air of confidence is a sure way to have a great day everyday!

Get My Look: 1. A colorful dress. 2. Dr. Martens. 3. An amber sun ring.