STYLE GURU STYLE: Structured Yet Casual

April 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Say bye to the heavy winter boots, spring is finally here and it is about time to store our puffy winter jackets away for next year and start styling lighter pieces! I wander onto Vogue’s homepage as I procrastinate on my finance homework, checking out the latest runway trends by Vera Wang, one of my favorite designers of all times. This outfit was inspired by Vera Wang’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Even though we have only entered into spring, I decided to incorporate the new upcoming fall trends into my look to express my personal favorite style–structured outerwear.

When I woke up this morning, and checked online for today’s weather, I realized it was too windy to be rocking my new culottes and decided to opt in for a structured look like Vera Wang’s style. Digging through my closet and my sister’s closet, I finally found the perfect camel green jacket for my Vera Wang-inspired look. I decided to pair it with a white collared blouse and black Simply Vera jeggings to complete the look. Vera Wang’s latest collection focused on the oversized blazers, structured pieces and an earth tone palette. What I love about the whole collection is the color! I decided to adopt the earth tones into my spring look.

The white collared top and black bottoms are perfect for a formal meeting, but the formality isn’t as evident when paired with the jacket which makes it more casual.  Completing the look with the perfect sized kate spade cross-body bag to hold my everyday essentials–lip gloss, wallet and phone, I created my Vera Wang inspired outfit! This is a great outfit when you want to go to the city and sit at a café or hanging out with your friends at Central Park.

Get My Look: 1. Simply Vera Jeggings. 2. kate spade Cross-Body Bag. 3. Structured Layering Outerwear.