STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and Flares

Today was a surprisingly cold and gloomy day in New York City. Just when I thought summer was here, I step outside and the sun is not shining like it has been. For work I decide to throw on an outfit that will keep me warm and comfortable.

Adding to this horrible weather day, the humidity has not been a good friend to my hair! I decided to put it up in a sock bun with a headband to keep my frizzy hair under control. I always think, when in doubt, wear a bun! A bun can be cute, professional, dressy, and casual, there’s no going wrong.

Lately. I have been digging to find some cute funky pants to wear with a solid top. These striped pants are perfect because they can be paired with a lot of different tops, and are a great way to spice up any outfit. I also love that they are high-waisted because most of the tops that I have are cropped.

Speaking of cropped, the next thing I added to this outfit is a cropped hoodie. I personally could live in hoodies for the rest of my life and be satisfied! I love this hoodie because of it’s interesting color and the flare sleeves. These sleeves have been really big lately, but I usually only see them on shirts. Adding some extra room in your hoodie sleeves only adds to the comfort level!

Lastly, I went with some simple black shoes to complete the outfit. I figured my pants were making enough of a statement and wore some basic black Converse. Gloomy day outfit success!