I do love recent days when the weather is becoming warmer. After the long dark winter, finally it’s time we can put on brighter colors and wear little dresses!

The white shirts I was wearing were long enough to serve as a dress, so I left the bottom with only a pair of socks, it would make the legs visually longer. I really like the fishnet tights. Fishnet element has been popular since last year. I personally feel that the blocks on the leg make legs seem slimmer as well. Moreover, the knits leave a small scale of black color so that the skin doesn’t reveal too much, and it can echo with coats in dark color.

The leather jacket, which creates a street chic style, not only keeps you warm during the morning and in the night, it also can be a decoration when you casually hold it in arms or put it on the shoulder.

At first I tried a pair of heeled ankle boots to match the look, however it just seems “too much”. Thus, I changed to the white sneakers, and I really like the balanced feeling of wild and simple.

For the details, I’ve worn a knitted camisole to complicate the layers. I’ve worn two necklaces as well. One is a thin black choker, the other is a silver lock. Also for makeup, I’ve used a purple lipstick to match the topic of street look.

I’ve also spent a little effort on the hair. Early this month I dyed my hair to blond to welcome spring! Yesterday I tried the half bun hair style, which looked unexpectedly good! So, I guess I have to say, never afraid to try when considering fashion!