STYLE GURU STYLE: Stick Around, Nostalgia Won't Let You Down

October 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

The past few fashion packed weeks have provided an abundance of trends that are available to transition from the runway to the street. These cutting edge styles, by a large, seem to call upon feel-good comforts that were overlooked in the past. The Moschino fall 2015 ready-to-wear show, in particular, features big designs and bright colors, going so far as to welcome back some familiar cartoon characters. While displayed in a more sophisticated sense, even Milans fashion week saw the return of larger than life accessories that can be associated with popular culture of decades past. Such selective nostalgia interested me to see what nostalgia existed in my own closet.

Since this runway show was already billed as ready-to-wear, its transition to the street was natural. My personal adaptions mostly have to deal with color, as I favor earth tones over the neon spectrum that dominated the Moschino collection this season. Therefore, I exchanged more primarily blues and yellows for navy and mustard. While the show utilizes nostalgic Looney Tunes characters that are positively recognizable by old and young, my own touristy crewneck insights similar reactions. Besides featuring pullovers, other themes that persist through the show affirm that oversized and patchwork are in.

When it came to my accessories, I adapted the mid-century vibes of Milan’s fashion week to fit a more casual aesthetic. Dolce&Gabbana spotlighted large, mod-colored headband scarves. Having a few of these handy is always helpful when it comes time to pull a full outfit together, not to mention their multipurpose nature allows them to double as ascots. Plus, square scarves are always an easy thrift store find, in fact most of mine were inherited from my grandmother. I can’t give my gram a shout out and not my pap, however. He’s been a big support of slip-ons with flat fronts for about as long as I’ve been on this Earth. Apparently Gucci and Tod’s agree as they both featured slip-ons and loafers during Milan fashion week.

Get My Look: 1. Avoid making pullovers and leggings monogamous; instead choose a more textured or unconventional paring like with riding pants. 2. Slide on some classic slip-on Vans that will ensure your feet survive your daily schedule. 3. Girly lace ankle socks, like the pair your mom always made you wear when you got pictures taken.