May 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

Over the past year, I have become much more in touch with my unique fashion style. I now have a greater appreciation and perspective of not only what I want to wear, but, also, what I want to design. As I gain knowledge and skill with design, sewing and illustration, my fashion sense is moving in the direction of free-flowing, carefree looks, rather than polished, formal styles. My fashion inspirations are coming from designers with these same lines and designs. The fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection by Chloé attracted me because our styles and likes are so similar. Creative director, Clare Waight Keller, put together a collection that I would love to wear design.

There are so many trends of the Chloé line that are great inspirations for me. I love the blousy, free-flowing designs that seem to transcend time. Her runway shows celebrate looks from the past, and at the same time, she is able to rock the styles of today. She pulls in details, trim, closures and necklines to sport a hippie-type look and feel. I love that her styles go from boho to luxury-chic with such ease. Waigth Keller wanted to be modern, real and confident with her styles, and this is exactly what came across in her runway show.

When looking at this collection, I first noticed that the colors were not overly vibrant, but remained attractive, sophisticated and striking. Styles were organic and natural, but not in a dull way. She pulled in precision through multiple details, and she accentuated the styles with just the right accessories and make-up. Her collection inspired me to pull together looks, textures, colors and trim that remained true to my overall style. Comfort, freedom and self-confidence embodied the fall 2015 Chloe collection, and these features are easily incorporated into every day styles.

Get My Look: 1. Free-flowing, comfortable romper with detailed trim. 2. Trendy, but simple accessories. 3. Comfortable, organic footwear.