April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Remember the Coca-Cola commercial that featured a group of men and women rolling around on roller skates? Unfortunately, I cannot roller skate as well as they featured in the commercial. While the men and women were roller skating and having a great time doing so, “Starry Eyed Surprise” by Shifty, a quite catchy song, played in the background. If I’m completely honest, that song immediately came to mind when I saw one of Saint Laurent’s spring 2015 looks. I hummed the song as I admired the star printed blouse. Star printed items remind me of my childhood days and have a youthful spirit to them. This sheer Saint Laurent blouse is far from reminiscent of childhood.The chiffon blouse is daring to be completely sheer. Saint Laurent pairs this blouse with diagonally striped red and black miniskirt.

When analyzing this look, I look to see what aspect of the look do I want to focus on for an everyday outfit? Yes, you can totally rock the two different patterns and if you’re feeling bold, go for it! Personally, it wouldn’t be in my comfort zone for everyday class wear. I chose to focus on the star printed blouse. Completely sheer blouses are garments that I don’t typically gravitate towards. To make it class appropriate, I opted for an opaque version of the blouse. It is the star print that I want to focus on, not the sheer element. If you do opt for a sheer star printed blouse, embrace a nude colored bra! Since the navy star printed top is rather neutral, I paired it with a red midi skirt! The red skirt is eye-catching and the midi length is excellent for the transition of rainy cold weather to warm spring. My look definitely gives off quite a patriotic vibe. My white high-top sneakers, my newest obsessions, are my current go-to shoe at the moment.

Get my Look: 1. A star printed blouse. 2. A red midi skirt. 3. White sneakers.