STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring's Statement Sleeves

I’m back again with a personal Style Guru Style post! I am so excited about this post and outfit in general. Since spring is finally here (even in chilly Ohio) we have had temperatures in the 60’s! I know what you’re thinking, or at least if you’re like me, “Kailey that is still cold.” However, after a seemingly long dragged out winter of walking to class, 60 is looking good!

We have to start with this chambray shirt… It is my going to be my go-to spring statement shirt. When I saw this piece I knew immediately I had to have it. The amount of outfits I can create with this amazingly fierce but girly shirt is infinite. This bell-sleeve cropped blouse is seriously a dream for anyone looking to step up their game this spring. Bold sleeves are very trendy this season. Some of my favorites are bell-sleeve, ruffles, or even big sleeves that cinch around your wrist!

I paired this top with a classic pair of black skinny jeans. You cannot go wrong with pairing just about everything with black jeans! Since this top is the star of the show, you could even wear white jeans to incorporate a more spring look.

I paired these gray slip on shoes to makes this look effortless. If it were a little warmer, I would have worn a cute pair of sandals but these did just fine for a day out with my friends. For someone who is often running late, I love a good pair of shoes you can just throw on a run out the door. So these are definitely a go-to shoe!

For accessories, I really tried to keep it simple by just wearing silver hoop earrings and my round Ray Bans! I hope you all have a stress-free rest of your semester! See you next time.