STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring is Black

March 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s officially spring, and that means florals and pastels right? Well, the Rodarte spring 2016 collection has a different idea of what spring means in fashion. This collection boasts black lacey pieces with intricate metallic details and flies in the face of everything we know about spring fashion. After all, we’ve always known spring clothing to be light in color and style. Rodarte’s collection looks more like the period clothing from Penny Dreadful: gothic and wintry.

Despite it’s contrast with the rest of the spring 2016 collections, it intrigued me. I was drawn to the patterns and details that signified the collection and I wanted to recreate it.

At first glance, the collection features a lot of black, a lot of metallic detail, and a lot of sheerness. I tried to normalize the looks by pairing a statement piece with many of the same qualities as the collection with basic pieces. I wore a black camisole with lace detailing and black shorts as the base of my outfit. On top, I wore a sheer, black longline cardigan. This is the piece that resembles the gothic vibe of Rodarte’s collection and is the focal point of my look. I accessorized this outfit with gold pieces like gold earrings, a boho-inspired detail necklace and gold lined sunglasses.

Although this outfit is predominately black, it’s perfect for spring weather and will definitely make you stand out amongst the hordes of pastel and floral clothes that you are bound to encounter.

Get My Look: 1. Gothic black top. 2. Bird and leaf statement necklace. 3. Gold-lined sunglasses.