STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Into Color

The kate spade new york spring 2015 ready-to-wear show featured bright colors and bold textures. The show proved that transitioning can be done in style and we don’t have to be committed to black for another three months. Spade is one of my long time favorite designers because she has proven color, pattern and bold texture can be worn at any age in any season. Even though black will always be there, it does not mean we should always choose it. I know that my brighter pieces often sit in the back of my closet because they are not the “safe” choice.

So I decided, much like kate spade, to dive out of my comfort zone and into a world of brightness. I pulled out my sequined mini skirt that (I am ashamed to admit) has been sitting in the closet with the tag on for more than three months. I paired it with some of my favorite go-to neutrals that have been active participants in my closet, and voilà! Now I had an outfit not so void of personality and that echoed my inner joy that spring has finally arrived.

The kate spade show inspired me to take a risk. I may not be wearing floral midi skirts and signature kate spade bows yet, but hey, never say never. It’s all about taking one step in the right direction. Then, who knows where your path will take you?

Get My Look: 1. A sequined mini skirt. 2. White knit top. 3. Leather jacket.