STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Has Sprung (Almost)

I’m not sure about how everywhere else is handling it, but Philly doesn’t quite understand the concept of spring. With chilly winds up to 40 miles per hour punching you in the face as you walk to class, it’s almost impossible to nail the perfect look. As a seasoned veteran to the nasty (and dusty) winds here in Philly, I can safely say that there’s no perfect way to avoid the eye rolling and backwards walking the wind tends to bring out. However, thanks to some inspiration from Alexander Wang’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I’ve been reminded that this season is all about jackets made for confusing and fluctuating weather. Wang styles woven jackets with knit tops to create cool looks for spring that happen to be super easy to put together.

For my own take on this brilliant styling, I combined my favorite lightweight jacket with a thin, pastel pink turtleneck and casual athletic sneakers. To create the perfect look for weather with an identity crisis, it’s important to consider layering with the right textures and materials to stay comfortable throughout the day. My pastel pink sweater’s thinness and breathability is ideal for spring, and its light coloring helps avoid extra heat. My jeans are on the thicker side, but they are cropped in case the temperature spikes and the wind dies down. With thorough planning, it’s easy to dodge Mother Nature’s mood swings while still keeping that cool attitude inspired by Alexander Wang.

Let’s not forget the most important part of a successful layered springtime look: the versatile jacket. Alexander Wang’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection is major spring jacket inspiration. From trendy, long trench coats to rigid, military-inspired jackets, this collection spoon feeds you jacket styling advice. When dealing with wind, I need a jacket that covers my outfits enough to ward off dust, while still layering well with my spring clothing. Alexander Wang always mixes textures and lengths in a fun way. I wanted to play off of his effortless layering without compromising comfort in varying temperatures. My black water-resistant trench coat can ward off the rain and wind, but it also adds a light layer of warmth without overdoing it. This useful combination is perfect for Philly’s weather situation. Mission accomplished!

Get My Look: 1. Lightweight mock turtleneck. 2. Cool cropped jeans. 3. Classic black trench coat.