It seems as though once May hit, a switch was turned on and the weather instantly went from a cold windy nightmare to a sunny, springtime wonderland. Although the temperature is currently pleasant, spring weather isn’t usually known for its consistency. One must always have something to throw on over an outfit just in case a comfortable 75 degree day turns to a chilly 58 degree one.

That is where spring fur comes in. Spring fur is by no means real fur, but it certainly has the look of it. It is lightweight, and it will keep you just warm enough on days where it feels like you just need something to put on over your T-shirt. Taking cues from Altuzarra’s fall 2015 show that featured a cotton candy pink fur coat, I attempted to translate that look into one that is appropriate for spring.

I decided to wear my spring fur over my white cropped T-shirt after feeling like if I put a denim jacket on one more time, I would scream. It adds the same amount of warmth, but it adds a bit more interest to the outfit. I try to break out my high-waisted denim jeans whenever possible, and pairing them with my spring fur just seemed appropriate. To finish off the look, I wore the jeans with some heeled sandals since I’m just too short for the jeans with flats on, and I added a small necklace to balance out the statement fur.

Get My Look: 1. A spring fur coat. 2. High-waisted flared jeans. 3. Heeled sandals.