For many of us Fashionistas/os, outfits seem to be dependent on the weather outside. As spring slowly creeps upon us, we welcome its presence with the sound of birds chirping in the early morning waking us up to begin each day again.

Eagerly, we wait for the longer days it brings us accompanied by the warmth of the radiant sun to satisfy our Vitamin D high. We begin to add more colors and prints into our wardrobe and the hunt is on to diversify our closet and prepare it for all the spring activities we have planned.

Spring lifts our spirits in the best way possible especially for those of us who had to endure a long cold winter. The trees look alive once more and blooming flowers find its way to us embracing us with its beauty. It’s a time of change and transformation.

This look exudes the blissful, cheery, and lively energy that spring gives us. I threw on a mauve pink slip dress that reminded me of the color of peonies. Underneath, I wore a white, lightweight turtleneck to make the dress stand out further. To match the slight ruffle detailing of the turtleneck, I opted for lace ruffle socks. The white pieces in this look helped to reflect more light adding dimension to the outfit. Then, my black booties toned down this feminine look by giving it a bit of an edge.

I wanted to add more shape so I decided to go with some dainty, geometric rings. This outfit complements the earthy tones of spring and is perfect for strolling around the farmer’s market or sitting outside a cafe.

There’s so many things to be excited about in this upcoming season. May our spring fever finally be cured as we breathe in that fresh spring air!