It’s that time of year when we’re all slowly transitioning our wardrobes from winter to spring, and I could not be more thrilled. I’m getting tired of covering up my outfits in big bulky jackets. Something I love about the changing of the seasons is finding pieces that are perfect to wear during these transitions; articles of clothing that I can wear during multiple seasons. This outfit features one of these pieces that takes a winter trend and transitions it into spring.

Velvet was a huge trend this fall and winter, and I absolutely loved it. I love the texture and the luxurious look it gives. When I found this short sleeve, velvet T-shirt, I was stoked. It uses that winter trend but in a pastel blue color perfect for spring time. I love that if the weather stays cold a little longer, I can throw a cardigan or jacket on top of this and it will still fit into the winter trend. When the weather starts to warm up for good I can pair this with a skirt or tucked into some high-waisted shorts.

I paired this top with a pair of dark gray, skinny jeans to contrast the light color of the top. My black, buckle booties dress this outfit up a little more than a pair of sneakers would and add a little more of a grunge look. Along with the dark jeans and booties, I also carried a small black backpack. I bought this plain backpack and customized it with some cheap pins I found at a thrift store. Adding pins to a bag or jacket is a fun way to make that piece uniquely “me.” My long necklace, that actually reminds me of a bolo tie of some sort, has pastel colored gems embedded in it, which complements my light blue top. I tend to wear longer pendant type necklaces when I am wearing a plain top to add some more detail to the outfit.

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of wardrobes and aesthetics. Finding a couple pieces that transition perfectly between seasons makes this change a little easier and effortless.