adidas by Stella McCartney has inspired me to add some athletic chicness into my wardrobe. Typically, I stick to black boots for my daily walk to class, but after seeing how McCartney made sneakers seem fabulously fashionable, I decided to give it a try. Experimenting with a new, sporty look this spring might be the best thing to spice your wardrobe up!

Today, I wore a black A-line skirt with a white blouse with gold detailing. I paired the skirt and blouse with my all-white sneakers and silver tote handbag. This outfit is very minimalistic with its color palette. This is my own personal preference with how I like to dress, but Stella McCartney’s collection featured a bunch of bright, fun colors and patterns for the season. If you want to replicate a simplistic look that is similar to mine, I would stick to neutral colors, but adding a lot of color and texture can be fun, too! Don’t be shy to pair multiple different patterns together. This can make your look come off as daring but still attractive.

Instead of wearing all-white sneakers, try to find a pair in a bright, fun color. In my personal experience, it seems like a sneaker that has just one color is easier to mix and match. Test out some crazy patterned leggings with a colorful top. Make sure your color palette isn’t all over the map, and try to stick with three colors! That way, you’ll be sure to not look like a rainbow exploded all over your outfit.

Try out this sporty look, and don’t be afraid to take chances with a fun, bold pattern. This look is not only fashionable but also super comfy, too!

Get My Look: 1.White blouse. 2. Sneakers. 3. A black A-line skirt.