STYLE GURU STYLE: So Classy, So Sassy

March 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

I’m a big fan of overcoats. I think they are the classiest jackets out there and they do so much for your outfit. You can wear the wool ones during winter time and the thinner ones during the spring or the fall. They give that classic New York look and they can go with anything, especially dresses.

I took inspiration from the Tommy Hilfiger pre-fall 2016 runway look and put together an outfit that I felt reflected my own personal style and and Hilfiger’s classic lines. I tried to add my own style to this outfit by using the shoes I did because I love heels with the ankle strap and a shorter overcoat than the Tommy Hilfiger one. I wore a MyMichelle charcoal dress that I love to wear for several occasions and matched it with a pair of nude Antonio Melani heels. To try to match the Tommy Hilfiger look as close as possible, I took my favorite nude colored Pull & Bear peacoat and used that as the final touch.

Although I didn’t stick with the same color palette or patterns, I tried to stick with the same concept as closely as possible. The outfit doesn’t have as much patterns as the Tommy Hilfiger’s does. My dress is a simple black and charcoal pattern because I felt with the complementary nude and my accessories, it wouldn’t need as many patterns. The texture of my dress is also more wool and my peacoat is polyester. I also love jewelry so I decided to top my outfit off with my favorite Tiffany & Co. knot pendant necklace and a simple black handbag.

This outfit is such a classy and chic outfit and it is probably my favorite way to dress. This style is also so easy to imitate, that anyone can do it and it takes little effort to match this look!

Get My Look: 1. Simple patterned dress. 2. An overcoat of any color. 3. A pair of classy and chic heels.