STYLE GURU STYLE: Simplicity in Spring

The spring 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show for J.Crew was impressive as always. The brand isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it’s classy yet quirky, and easily transitional from the runway to the stairway. However, the bold colors and prints also helped to make the show and its clothes pop and stand out. What made me love this line were the exciting prints that were well complemented by the pieces that they were paired with. That being said, I also enjoyed the prints being compared with a bold color choice that would have normally not been placed together, whether it’s between a top and a pant, or a pant and a shoe. Everything was undeniably for spring weather, and together perfectly classy.

Today I put together an outfit quite similar to the ones showcased. This look was one that I thought was able to be easily transitioned from night to day, and wouldn’t feel out of place around the college campus. The high-waisted black jeans and the tucked in jean jacket are great for spring weather, and the black high heels make it ultra sexy and looked great on the catwalk.

This spring 2015 show has affected my fashion sense for spring time, because it’s given me some print and heel inspiration. Making your outfit simple doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring outfit, and that is something that I’ll keep in mind during these warmer spring months!

Get My Look: 1.Sky-high heels.  2.Tight and body hugging high-waisted jeans. 3. Loose jean jacket.