STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Sporty Chic

STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Sporty Chic

Everybody knows that back to school means one thing, a new fall wardrobe! This fall I am dedicating my closet to new looks that follow major fall trends. While I am not the most athletic of people, I have found that a fun, sporty look is a must-have. I’m wearing a combo dress from Primark and paired with my favorite pair of New Balance sneakers.

There’s always a fun challenge in pairing sneakers with a dress. Every outfit needs balance and in this case, the balance must be made between casual and sporty. My style is all about balance. Whether it be between color and pattern or texture and length, there is always a chance to create an amazing look that is versatile, yet natural to one’s personal taste.

If you are one for accessories, you can take my look one step further by adding a baseball cap or even tying a flannel around your waist. The good thing about sporty looks is that they can be styled a million different ways. If I wanted to change this look from day to night, I could ditch the sneakers and add a pair of pink block heels and a bomber jacket which would refine the look, but still keep that sporty look going strong.

The athleisure trend that has been taking the fashion world by storm has given those who love more casual and comfortable looks the chance to broaden their fashion horizons. For those who feel they do not have time to be styling new outfits everyday, layering a dress over a plain T-shirt is simple and the perfect modern fall look.

My final piece of advice is that you can make any outfit look great with two things: confidence and balance.