October 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall is my favorite time of the year; the leaves are changing, there is a crispness in the air, and of course, I get to bust out my favorite long sleeve tops and stylish boots. This fall, the ’60s and ’70s are coming back with a feminine, bohemian look.

I was inspired by Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection. I love the way the essence of autumn is incorporated with the woodsy and floral patterns. The sheer and flowy, lace-trimmed, long sleeved dresses gave off an elegant, yet powerful demeanor. Paired with knee-high boots, this style had a ’60s touch, which I love! Each piece was so artistic, but simple at the same time, especially the natural glow of the makeup and slicked back hair. This Valentino collection captured simplicity and boldness at the same time.

I am wearing a sheer, floral top with lace-trim on the sleeve and I decided to wear my dark wash jeans instead of a dress to make the look more relaxed. You can wear this for lunch with friends or dress it up with white pants for a date. Also, I stayed true to the sixties with my black knee-high boots. Since the top is the focal point, I wore simple black earrings and a gold peace sign ring. Yes, it is cliché, but it is just super fun to wear! Lastly, I slicked back my hair into a clean ponytail with minimal makeup to capture Valentino’s clean look. That’s it! Being bold and simple has never been easier!

Get My Look: 1. Floral top. 2. Black knee-high boots. 3. Gold peace sign ring. 4. Black earrings.