STYLE GURU STYLE: She’s Got Good Jeans

When perusing for some fall 2016 trends, I came across this article which highlights all of the best upcoming denim styles. My favorite color of denim is a specific bright blue wash that doesn’t look dyed. Luckily enough, this exact color hit the runway in some amazing shows for the upcoming fall season! Creatures and Comfort created a free flowing bright blue denim maxi with a bustier top that is absolutely perfect. My second favorite look from this lookbook were all of the fur-lined, cropped denim jackets in my favorite hue.

Just as any Fashionista would, I followed my important fashion research with a much needed spring cleaning rampage. I pulled out all my best denim to sport to class for these remaining few weeks of the semester, however I quickly realized I did not have any perfect-fitting jeans in my favorite denim color! As always, Forever 21 absolutely saved my life.

Boyfriend jeans were huge last fall and mom jeans are the current style, but these jeans from Forever 21 are just the right mix of slouchy, cropped and fitted around the waist. I basically didn’t even know I wanted them until I tried them on. I obviously hit social media to tell everybody about my favorite new item.

Although a perfect pair of jeans is the ultimate fall-to-spring transition staple, we are off to a chilly spring season here in New Jersey. It is simultaneously sweater weather and windows-down jamming weather and I can’t say I hate it! I paired these fabulous jeans with an amazing sweater from Buffalo Exchange (a.k.a. Philadelphia’s consignment heaven). The sweater has bright colors, flowers and that checkerboard pattern that Vans keeps trendy. It is the most amazing spring sweater I own because it is cool and festive. I also love the low turtleneck and the fold-over sleeves.

Lastly, I matched the black hues, as well as the floral pattern in my sweater, to a sick pair of purposely-mismatched adidas from Pharell’s collection. I ordered them from Urban Outfitters, but I linked you guys to a cheaper website in case you want to get them for a steal! My black bag also makes the contrasting color pop out of the sweater. I got this bag from Forever 21 as well.

Get My Look: 1. Jeans. 2. Swaggy sneakers. 3. Bucket bag.