April 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

Overall I would say my style is pretty eclectic. I could go from dressing ultra feminine on Monday to pretty grungy on Tuesday. I don’t discriminate against differing clothing styles and am very open to trying to new things. For me, spring is a weird time because it can go from sunny and 70’s to overcast and rain in the blink of an eye. Therefore, my style typically reflects these changing forecasts. The best way to conquer the ever-changing spring weather is to put together a look that isn’t too colorful but isn’t too boring (aka wearing all black, which I’m guilty of pretty often).

To pull off this desired outfit, I looked to Louis Vuitton’s recent spring ready-to-wear collection for inspiration. Louis Vuitton is known for versatile styles that are constantly impressive for being out of the box and unexpected. Their main focus is luggage, but man oh man do they not disappoint in the clothing category either.  This spring’s collection was one to remember but I loved it because it goes perfectly with my eclectic style. It also showcases my aforementioned tendency of mixing bright colors with more classic pieces in an effort to make the perfect spring look. Many of the collection’s looks combine feminine pieces like patterned skirts and shades of pink in jackets and purses with grungier pieces like leather and cutout tops. It’s the perfect mix of grungy and classic style.

The way I emulated Louis Vuitton was by putting together my most feminine pieces with the more punk and edgy pieces in my closet. I am a huge fan of midi-skirts, especially for the spring. They are super fun and flirty and leave a little more to the imagination. The best way to add a twist to any ultra-feminine look is to add sneakers, of course, so that was my first step towards creating an edgier look. I then added a leather jacket, white button-down and a black choker. Altogether, each piece added to the intended melting pot that was my look. This way I don’t ever feel too springy or too boring because how can you possibly feel boring when you’re wearing a full skirt with sneakers!

Overall, don’t be afraid to mix the pieces in your closet that maybe you never expected to go together. Experimentation is how we come up with our best outfits sometimes. I’m sure Louis Vuitton would agree.

Get My Look: 1. Flirty and feminine midi-skirt. 2. Edgy moto jacket. 3. A RAD pair of kicks.