STYLE GURU STYLE: Shades of Love

January is over, and I hope all you Fashionistas/os are walking into the new month with a fierce strut!

February is known to be filled with couples gripping tightly onto one another, various shades of reds and pinks, and endless amounts of heart-shaped candies. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us either cringe at the idea or are full of giggly excitement. Whether you are the type to host a single ladies anti-Valentine’s Day party or love to be showered with heart-shaped chocolate by a loved one, there is nothing wrong with making this year’s V-Day all about self-love, which can be expressed through your personal style.

Your personal style is all about telling the world who you are in your own creative way, and there is nothing wrong with letting that shine through during this time of year! If you go through my wardrobe, you’ll be able to see that my pieces are inspired heavily on colors and silhouettes from ‘70’s, ‘90’s grunge, and bohemian trends. I am a sucker for mixing different styles together, because it leads to creating unique and personalized looks.

For this look, I used inspiration from the holiday of love and mixed it into my own personal style. I chose to wear one of my favorite pieces, which is the wine-colored corduroy overalls with a flare bottom.  To give the look a bit of a romantic feel, underneath the overalls, I wore an ivory top with lace details at the end of the sleeves and paired the two with faux snakeskin booties. To complete the look, I chose dainty gold accessories to complement the rest of the outfit. It’s a perfect outfit for a day out with the girls or even a casual date night.

Style is what you make it to be, and nothing expresses it better than loving who you are! Whether you are getting ready for class, running errands, or simply taking on the day as it comes, take time to tell the world who you are.  Redefine this year’s Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of confidence and a box of slayage!