7 Fresh Ways to Style Your Booties With Jeans

7 Fresh Ways to Style Your Booties With Jeans

Once cooler weather rolls around, I tend to wear booties and jeans nearly every single day. After all, it’s a classic pairing for a reason. But what starts out as a new and exciting wardrobe changeup can easily grow tiresome when I start reaching for the same pair of Chelsea boots and jeans day after day. So how do stylish CF Community Members combat a case of wardrobe fatigue? A little styling magic, that’s how. Take notes and get ready to fall in love with this classic combo all over again.

frayed jeans with booties

PHOTO: @gisele_milan

Mix Up a Tried-and-True Duo With a Little DIY

Feel like you’ve exhausted the cropped-hem-and-ankle-boots pairing? Break out those scissors and try DIYing a frayed statement hem. Try styling this look with boots that hit a little bit higher on the calf than typical ankle booties—you’ll get to play a fun styling game of peek-a-boo.

jeans with yellow booties

PHOTO: @katilyn_perry

Make Double Denim Pop With Contrasting Boots

If you’re already anticipating spring (or live somewhere sunny year-round) then adding a pop of pastel to your next OOTD is a fun way to bring on the warmer vibes. While we love the look of these yellow ankle boots, a baby pink or blue-grey pair will also complement light-wash jeans while breaking up an all-blue look.

cuffed jeans with booties

PHOTO: @lea.muhigi

Cuff Your Vintage Blues to Play With Proportions

I have never been so thankful for the resurrection of a throwback trend as I have been for the return of high-waisted jeans. Try rolling them up at the hem to show off your go-to pair of black booties Take these everyday staples to new heights with stacked heels and a confident attitude.

Find Your Go-To Hue and Wear It Head to Toe

Why mess with a classic combo? Wearing all your favorite black pieces together elevates each of them. Try adding white lightweight layers in between your moto jacket and jeans for a bit of contrast.

jeans with white booties

PHOTO: @venesajco

Accent Your Next #OOTD With Bright-White Boots

Fashion history often repeats itself, and what’s old is new again—especially when it comes to the white-boots trend. A nod to ’60s go-go boots with a modern twist, these shoes look fresh wornwith light-wash denim. Go the extra mile and incorporate another white staple like an oversize button-down for a cool look that mixes retro-chic.

jeans with red booties

PHOTO: @radredemption

Play With Textures by Mixing Materials

By now, we know that a pop of color can add some surprise to a simple outfit. But have you thought about adding an unexpected combo of materials too? I love how these shiny, red patent booties were paired with a fuzzy faux-fur jacket. If you’re feeling extra daring, a statement hem elevates this look up a notch.

jeans with glitter booties

PHOTO: @indiepeacock

Catch Everyone’s Attention With Sparkly Shoes

Glitter booties aren’t just for special occasions. Dress them down for everyday wear by pairing them with your favorite pencil jeans and a cool velvet blazer.  

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Featured photo by @indiepeacock.