In years past, when the snow began to melt and the temperature began to rise, I instinctively gravitated towards all of the bright colors in my closet that I tended to reserve for the spring and summer months. Recently, however, I have slowly moved away from wearing vibrant colors and opt for clothing in a more neutral color palette instead. When I heard the birds chirping outside my window, signaling that the first warm day had finally struck Madison, I looked to one of my favorite spring 2015 runway shows for some style inspiration: Sea.

This Sea ready-to-wear collection featured a variety of oversized white garments, including T-shirts, tank tops and dresses. All of these pieces appear casual and have a laid back vibe, yet are still extremely fashion-forward. The white pieces really pop, especially when compared to the black parka I’ve been donning all winter. These unfussy white items are paired with a variety of denim shirts and jackets, as well as garments in army green, navy and blue. Overall, I love how the silhouettes are so simplistic and minimalistic, while the color palette isn’t over the top. The collection is also filled with a variety of pieces in interesting patterns that liven up the looks. I could see myself sporting all of the collection’s looks to class, the farmer’s market on the weekend or while walking around State Street.

To emulate the Sea collection, I knew I had to base my look around an oversized white item. After a recent shopping spree with my mother and grandmother, I had the perfect oversized Brandy Melville T-shirt in my possession. I slipped into my favorite pair of high-rise skinny jeans to achieve the denim aspect of the Sea collection. Rather than add a garment to my look that featured an interesting pattern, I decided to take this opportunity to make the look my own. Since I’ve been loving the revival of ‘90s style and have been re-watching episodes of Friends just to see what Rachel Green wears, I decided to add a classic flannel, tied around my waist, of course. I added a tattoo bracelet to my wrist, similar to the ones I had when I was in early elementary school.

If you’re looking for some spring style inspiration, I highly suggest you take a look at the Sea spring 2015 collection! This diverse collection is bound to have a look that sparks your interest and speaks to your style. I know I will be referencing these looks repeatedly throughout the coming months.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized white T-shirt. 2. A pair of jeans. 3. An accent piece, like my flannel, to make the look your own.