STYLE GURU STYLE: Schoolgirl Prep

Olympia Le-Tan‘s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show adopted just the right amount of prep and flair in its collection. Models walked down the runway in schoolgirl-inspired outfits, replete with knee-high socks, loafers and high-waisted skirts. Prim collars and a debonair atmosphere contributed to effortlessly classy ensembles. Le-Tan’s distinctly youthful aesthetic was no less aided by its “educational” accessories, including a composition-book print (designed by Le-Tan’s father) swapped for the traditional handbag as well as tasseled caps. The designer’s monogram littered various pieces, as it appeared on belt buckles, shirt dresses and coats. From tweed to pleats and all that’s in between, Le-Tan’s collection assured us that school is still very much in session.

For my outfit, I was inspired by the overwhelming prep in Le-Tan’s collection. I donned a collared button-down blouse with a high-waisted olive green skirt. Although influenced by Le-Tan’s traditional aesthetic, my look takes on a slightly more laid back feel with my free flowing, short-sleeved top. I paired this design with a structured skirt to create a complementary contrast. Always a lover of the tall sock, I wore a crocheted knee high sock with accented lace detail. They are a fun and flirty addition to the ensemble and are quite flattering as they accentuate the line of the leg, especially when worn with a brown tasseled oxford. I opted out of wearing any sort of whimsical head gear, but sported a pair of retro-inspired Ray-Bans instead in light of the sunny weather. Following the collection’s unique monogram design, I created my own interpretation of this component with my favorite initialed necklace. This look perfectly extends across the year’s warmer seasons, even as we make the transition from spring to summer.

Get My Look: 1. A short sleeved button-down blouse. 2. A high waisted skirt. 3. A pair of knee-high socks and brown oxfords.