A super unique suede skirt, a comfortable T-shirt and leather accessories with silver detailings make the perfect ensemble for festival season. Throw away the cowboy boots, and welcome in the sweet softness of suede. Show off your leather in accessories rather than with a leather belt or cross-body bag.

Taking inspiration from Alberta Ferretti’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, there were many staples of a Western look made anew for this season. A revolutionized spring, there were no florals seen here (you’re welcome, Devil Wears Prada). There were earthy, dusty tones and, of course, suede! I loved the suede skirts from this collection, all containing a combination of different colors of suede. I translated this into my own look with a patchwork suede skirt.

This collection also had a very feminine feel to it. I added my own touch of this with my funky bralette straps showing through the rips at the top of my T-shirt. This is grungy for a festival look, but extra delicate to showcase your femininity without being super revealing. Bralettes can easily give you a flirty but classy look. All of the leather, suede, cotton and metal counterbalance each other as different elements in this outfit.

This collection also had accessories with hints of metal to them that caught my eye. As a personal touch, I added a layered leather choker with silver metal detailing, a vintage Coach purse passed down to me and black booties that also included silver metal detailing.

Get My Look: 1. Brandy Melville distressed T-shirt. 2. Zara suede skirt. 3. A cute Bralette.