STYLE GURU STYLE: Salute to Menswear

Dear ladies, we should not be bordered from shopping menswear. Besides the segregated sections at stores there aren’t any borders. We are at midst of Men’s Fashion Week and it is time to indulge in all of its goodness. Menswear has certain simplicity and a spontaneous peep that I can’t get enough of. After witnessing Fendi’s and Sacai’s spring 2016 menswear collections, my love for menswear has deeply grown. Fendi’s pairing of dark colors and metallic fabrics created a full richness while Sacai’s wondrous plaids set an adventurous boldness. Both collections combined for a bucket full of inspiration.

To continue on with menswear, I am wearing an YSL men’s utility jacket from Beacon’s Closest. This reminds me of Sacai’s runway version of a utility jacket. This jacket has its masculine features but can be easily styled it to go with my feminine features. Underneath, I wore a metallic tank top that is similar Fendi’s pieces displayed in their show. I adore this metallic tank top because I can wear it in different ways, which is the awesome thing about tanks of characteristics. I can wear this tank top at a concert or under a solid-colored blazer for work. Having a versatile garment is always a stylish win. For bottoms a pair of essential black shorts is an item for the summer, for they go with everything.

Finally recently, I have noticed the Converse trend resurfacing. In my recent articles, I wrote that I have noticed that these Fashionistas have been rocking the high-tops. These Fashionistas inspired me to bring out and rock my plaid high tops. Fun fact these shoes are 10 years old.
Get My Look: 1. Utility jacket. 2. V-neck metallic tank. 3. Black shorts. 4. Plaid Converse.