STYLE GURU STYLE: Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

When someone thinks of fashion rules, the most well known one is don’t wear white after Labor Day, but between you and me, fashion rules are outdated—they are meant to be broken. If I look around, everyone is starting to think outside the box with their fashion and creating their own things. So why do we still need to follow one of the oldest rules? The answer: we don’t. My one fashion rule is don’t listen to what others say, wear what you want and rock it like I know you can!

The easiest way for me to stand out in the crowd is to step outside in my flared white jeans while everyone thinks that white needs to stay in the back of the closet for a little longer. It gives me immediate satisfaction that I am doing my own thing and not letting others define who I am or what I wear. My pants add a ’70s vibe to them, with the flared bottoms, which is coming back to play, and I am totally for it!

One of my favorites things to do is to spice up a basic T-shirt, and these pants were perfect for that. Although my shirt is from Spain, you can use any graphic T-shirt, which will add the same vibe to the outfit. I also added my favorite Steve Madden booties to add more glam to my outfit. These shoes are a statement on their own while keeping it subtle.

Remember, rules are definitely meant to be broken! I say the only fashion rule is, there are no rules! Take whatever you want to wear and wear it with confidence, no matter what season it is!