STYLE GURU STYLE: Rocking Rompers

May 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

The month of April kicked off with astringent rainstorms drenching much of the country. The old adage would have us believe that all this rain bodes well for next month’s blossoms. Fashion in this case mimics nature; the seasonal blooms on spring runways herald the blossoming of blithe days of the impending summertime.

Sass & Bide’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection is just one of many collections that embody the manifestation of fashion. In this case, it was through bold prints and extravagant layers. This collection—filled with playful patterns and a variety of cuts—was full of sassy prints and a juxtaposition of long and short layers. Sensuality was also at play with plunging necklines and thigh-baring silhouettes. Art deco-inspired prints added a dose of retro allure to sharp and modern designs, along with the collection’s poignant leather and mesh pumps. My favorite pieces in particular were the ample varieties of rompers and jumpsuits. Many motifs were prominent and each patterned piece had a crisp, classic feel.

I wanted to render the modern and vigorous tone of the show through delicate, girly patterns. I fully reflected this season’s take on designs with a romper that was graphic and vigorous, yet still classically feminine. A romper is an optimal solution when in a time crunch. For obsessive Fashionistas such as myself, selecting a top and bottom that complement one another can be quite a daunting and meticulous process. For this look, I opted for a deep maroon romper with gold and white hearts embedded throughout. The romper’s fun, vintage print and unique combination of colors emit a playful and romantic vibe. I balanced this with a long, classic trenchcoat to generate a more sophisticated aura. Personally, trenchcoats are the epitome of spring weather, producing a contemporary edge to rainy days. Even more dazzle was infused into the pieces with beaded embellishments, voluminous silhouettes and cinching details. To add some moxie, I streamlined this ensemble with a consistent color pattern. Suede wedges and a KORS Michael Kors bag continued the brown color scheme, while a floral heart necklace acted as a dainty duet with the heart-patterned romper. Timeless, romantic and elegantly ladylike, warm browns and deep maroons always make a sultry statement.

Get My Look: 1. A printed romper. 2. A classic trenchcoat. 3. A pair of suede wedges in a neutral hue.