STYLE GURU STYLE: Resolutions of Denim

While many embrace the brand “new” year, I for one was never a fan of the idea of resolutions. Fitness clubs, diet ads, commercials idealizing the slogan “New Year, New You” are unrealistic viewpoints to look at change. Long-term change usually does not start with a “cold turkey” approach to bad habits. The only resolution you will find me writing down for 2016 is to put to rest some of the terrible trends of 2015, such as flash tattoos, denim that was so destroyed you’d think it was scraps from a intro to fashion design class, excessively large hats and the bizarre obsession with graphic T-shirts bragging about laziness such as “Namaste in bed.” While they all have a time and place, the time being a fleeting moment in 2015, the place, now in the bottom of your closet or recycling bin (let’s be green people), these trends all lack significance in fashion history. While fast fashion often capitalizes on pop culture, real fashion centers on classic silhouettes. Denim jackets will never go out of style and never have one set time in history. Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Chloé and Faustine Steinmetz all highlighted this key piece in their spring 2016 ready-to-wear lines.

Recently I have found myself being drawn to ’90s grunge inspiration blogs. When I came home for winter break, I decided to raid my family’s coat closet. My eyes instantly landed on my father’s vintage denim jacket. As to not harm his masculinity, I decided against embroidering the back with a feminist quote, but the jacket has already become a key piece in my ever-changing wardrobe. The dark wash and large fit helps to create the perfect “I could care less” mantra and look of ease that much of the ’90s carried. This effortless look is also demonstrated in the runways of today. One little key I have found when looking for a sturdy denim jacket? There is a reason Levi Strauss is known for its denim. It is great quality and is super comfortable. Fast fashion brands add spandex to their denim jackets, and because of this, the quality suffers.

Pairing the denim jacket with a pair of classic black jeans and checkered slip-on sneakers, I was comfortable and stylish. Adding to the comfort, turtlenecks are my go-to sweater choice in the cold winter months. Accessorizing with my favorite little gold ring I purchased in Woodstock, hippie capital of the world, an inset pin loosely resembling Audrey Hepburn and loose French braids, I felt confident. Unfortunately I left my “Bernie 2016” pin at school, so I really couldn’t finish off my look as I had wished. My look screamed, “I am opinionated.” It took me five minutes all together to get ready proving the moral of the story: an effortless look can sometimes really be effortless.

Get My Look: 1. Denim jacket. 2. Turtleneck. 3. Slip-on sneakers.