STYLE GURU STYLE: Relaxin' All Cool

The Wren fall 2015 runway show is exactly what I was looking for. Everything was simple, with one staple piece; for example, the wide variety of cat prints and stripes. I’ve been in this dilemma of how I’m going to wear my all-black ensembles in this summer weather, but Melissa Coker has the right idea. She is all about the laid back and fun style, while adding crazy prints to have the option of showing your feisty side. I really loved the mix and match of different prints that you wouldn’t look at right away and think they go together, but when it is paired right, it’s genius. Coker definitely went for a more ‘90s vibe to this show, and trust me, when the ‘90s call, I answer.

So today I went for some black and white stripes. I didn’t have any leopard or cheetah print, but I did throw a little saddle brown in there with my accessories. T-shirt dresses are totally my thing right now and they’re super comfortable. On a hot summer’s day, they are a great way to stay cool and feel the nice breeze (if you know what I’m sayin’). Also, I love the minor detail of a dainty necklace because it can still add quite the statement. And I couldn’t forget my big black sunglasses to complete my Wren look.

This fall 2015 show inspired me to style solid, stripes and maybe even a little snake print. I’ve never been a huge fan of animal prints, but Coker hit it right out of the park! I’m looking forward to the hunt for the perfect leopard dress and denim jacket. My wardrobe is going to be so happy.

Get My Look: 1. A striped dress. 2. A pair of black sunnies. 3. Strappy sandals.