STYLE GURU STYLE: rag & bone, Nailed It

With resort 2016 collections just now wrapping up, it’s safe to say I’m inspired. Nothing pulls you out of a fashion rut like a whole new scope of styles to choose from, especially ones tailored to the current climate. I was particularly drawn to rag & bone’s presentation this season, which probably has a lot to do with the color palette. Muted hues of gray accompanied soft whites and my personal favorite: black. complimented the “no-nonsense” and “straight-forward” collection—something I definitely look for when it comes to resort wear. Aside from that, I’ve also been addicted to Instagram nail art pages and have been spending way too much money trying to emulate them.

The nails are easy enough to copy, just head over to your local salon with a couple pictures and make sure you pick a good nude polish for your skin tone. (That’s extremely important, because the wrong undertones can make the mani look a little off-putting). The style, however, isn’t as simple. I loved the midi hemlines seen throughout rag & bone’s show, but being 5′ 9”, it’s hard to find the perfect length. Midi skirts tend to hit me awkwardly in the leg and never end up looking as glamorous as I’d imagined. To solve this dilemma, I actually whipped out one of my oldest tricks and tied my maxi dress in a knot right below my knees. I highly recommend this trick to my fellow tall girls if you have trouble finding a maxi dress that will reach the floor or a midi dress that will reach below your knees.

While the rag & bone models were styled more frequently with slides and sneakers, I couldn’t bring myself to throw on my Stan Smith’s (although I do think they’d look nice!) Instead, I grabbed a pair of clogs. Despite the heat, I also always like to carry some sort of jacket with me, and in the spirit of sporty urban wear, I made the difficult choice to swap my usual leather jacket out for a jean one. I ended up being obsessed with the vibe of this outfit, especially because of how different it is from my normal attire. Pushing myself out of my leather and sneaker comfort zone really helped me to appreciate the less serious side of urban dressing.

Get My Look: 1. A maxi dress, tied to your preferred length. 2. A trendy jean jacket. 3. The perfect clogs.