STYLE GURU STYLE: Purple and Gold to the Max(i)

STYLE GURU STYLE: Purple and Gold to the Max(i)

I can’t believe it’s already spring and that I have already started to incorporate some dresses back into my wardrobe this season!

This dress is an especially special dress to me though because I finally found a maxi-dress that is the perfect length on me—and it’s on-trend! I have been searching for the perfect maxi-dress that doesn’t drag on the floor because my 5-foot-2-inch self is usually too short for the beautiful dresses I find in stores.

Honestly, when I found this at the store it felt like I struck gold, and I knew immediately that I wanted to style this maxi for CollegeFashionista. So, I drew inspiration from my spring break this month to put together this laid-back purple and gold look.

The main reason I love this dress, besides the length, is the off-the-shoulder design. Smocked tops are very on-trend right now, and I love that this dress has that effect. The ’90s trends are also still alive and well in fashion at the moment, and the ruffle material that the dress has at the top is very reminiscent of tops from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Because the top has this detail, it leaves the shoulders and neck pretty bare, so I added a simple gold necklace to dress the look up a little bit. To go along with the necklace, I also added other gold accessories like gold rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Lastly, I chose a pair of my go-to gold sandals for the summer months, and I thought they perfectly tied the look together.

To make the outfit less casual, a pair of wedges or chunky heels could be also be switched out for the sandals. This simple change makes the ensemble ready for a nice dinner, or a night out with friends!