STYLE GURU STYLE: Pure Jean-ious

As long as I can remember I’ve been a denim-aholic. It seems to be an unconscious goal of mine to wear jean material in any form possible whether it is a chambray shirt with cutouts, a pair of shoes or in this case, a patterned denim dress. Thankfully, Stella McCartney seems to shares in my vision for the unconventional jean attire, which can be seen in her spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

Stella McCartney is the queen of reinventing everyday clothing, and jeans are no exception. Look 18 and 22 are prime examples of how jeans can come in forms other than trousers. Today’s outfit was inspired specifically by look 18, which is a long sleeve denim number paired with some brown leather strappy heels. I love how McCartney uses thick white stitching to add diagonal striped detailing to the dress. It gives what could be plain, unflattering fabric some interest and form. Also to add some form is a subtle slit on the bottom. As a final touch, the dress has a big silver button in between the collar.

In the spirit of McCartney’s dress, I decided to put my own spin on the collared denim dress. Like the one on the runway, my dress has some special stitching. The thick stitching on the torso gives the garment a southern feel, also enhanced by a floral pint throughout the dress. I am a girly girl at heart and love how these flowers project the aura of a southern bell. As a token to my time abroad in London (which has sadly come to an end), I am wearing an antique cameo brooch my mother gave me. Cameos were the ‘it’ item in the Victorian era, but can still be found on my coats, scarves and just about anything I can pin them on! The vintage vibe continues with my Belle Rose Handbag and lavender jewel ring from Brighton, United Kingdom! For shoes, I’m wearing some brown strappy sandals to match my bag!

Get My Look: 1. An Unconventional Denim Dress. 2. A Chic Cameo. 3. A Vintage Handbag.