STYLE GURU STYLE: Professional In The Making

Tomas Maier’s latest fashion show was brilliant. After his spring line for men had such a great response, Maier decided to reinvent the line for the fall—this time for women. Comprised of velvet suits, drawstring pants and simple jackets this line is easy to both dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

After seeing such effortless pieced looks together, I was greatly inspired enough to try the look out for myself. Since I am a graduating college student, I was drawn to look 4 as I am excited to start wearing professional clothes as I move onto a career path. I loved way the matching suit looked with the contrasting blouse underneath. Since it is almost summer, I went for a fun and modern style look.

I started by pairing white Calvin Klein dress pants with a matching blazer. I love the white color on this because it gives off a fresh and happy feeling for the summer. Then I found a complementary blouse to wear underneath. I chose to go with an olive green top as it stood out against the white and matches well with my tan wedges. To top off my look I added boho earrings for a subtle playful touch.

This look is perfect for work, an interview or even a day out in the city. Play around with different colors to see which looks best on you and add accessories to match your own personal style!

Get My Look: 1. A white suit. 2. Green top. 3. Tan wedges.