STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty In Pink Rebel

Oh winter, how time has almost come to say goodbye. It was nice knowing you, but I’m fully ready for spring. These warms days that drift into the mix between cold and warm make it hard on what to wear without over or undressing. My favorite go-to piece for when I’m stuck in between is a faux leather jacket.

My inspiration to incorporate my pink button-down with the faux leather jacket came from the Elie Saab fall/winter 2016 collection. Model of the moment Kendall Jenner was seen going down the runway in a long flowy red and blue gown. To make the the dress more festival-chic, it was paired up with leather jacket. Adding a leather jacket to any outfit gives it this extra edge.

For my feet, I chose my trusty sneakers. You really can’t tell, but when these photos were taken, it was pouring out. On bad weather days, I like wearing lightweight footwear so it’s easier for me to move around in. The jeans I paired with this look are your classic skinny jeans. To give this look more of an edge, I would wear it with my ankle boots.

As I mentioned before during this photoshoot, it was pouring out so in the beginning I had my hair halfway up until it started to get really frizzy because of the rain wind combination. That’s when I decided to wear my green beanie. The leather jacket has been around forever.

Get My Look: 1. Faux leather moto jacket. 2. adidas Samba sneakers. 3. Skinny jeans.