STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty in Pastels

After browsing through the spring ready trends from the runway on, I was inspired to put together an outfit that is casual but takes the pallet of the Balmain collection. Pastels have always been a color that I look forward to adding into my closet after Easter. After hours of looking for some inspiration, I found this perfect collection from Balmain’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear look.

Peeling through my closet during the month of April is always hard for me. I can never seem to make a decision on what I want to wear. Thanks to the bipolar weather in the midwest, it might be mid-forties or close to eighties, but you are basically guessing; so I stick to layers. Choosing a lighter layer like a button-down is a good in-between for the weather: not too heavy, not too light.

Class in the spring makes me want to actually get dressed because there is no more snow on the ground forcing my sweats and preventing a cute outfit from happening. The sun is out and flowers are blooming so I want to look good! Feel as pretty as a flower, in flowers! Something I tried is floral print, as well as the cute simple daisy look that you can see on my tank top. By wearing this, I feel casual but still in style.

Distressed jeans are one of my favorite looks. Balmain’s looks are a lot less casual than I like it to be. Going to class in jeans means, “Hey! Look at me! I got dressed this morning.” Wearing one of Balmain’s dresses or skirts would not be as comfortable and people may worry something has happened to me considering I try to stick to leggings whenever I can.

In order to incorporate that for a classy yet casual look, I added some gold jewelry to bring out the pastel colors of my get-up. The pastel pink of my top brings out the lighter blue of my button down as well as my distressed jeans.

Get My Look: 1. A silky tank top. 2. Light blue button-down. 3. Gold accents.