STYLE GURU STYLE: Prep School-Chic

Cool, rainy, autumn days on campus call for a look that’s cozy, yet fashionable. I am all about making a statement through edgy looks; using dark-to-neutral colors, to create a dramatic contrast. Being the modern Wednesday Addams is a trend today, but you must stand out in order to make a fashion statement. So, for this look, I did my research and decided to mix prep school-chic with some edgy undertones.

Taking inspiration from A.L.C.’s fall ready-to-wear 2015 collection, I evolved this obsession of punk into a subtler statement, mixing it with prep-chic pieces. The wardrobes in this collection covered the essentials of punk undertones, mixing it with turtleneck sweaters and midi skirts. Though midi skirts are a trend on the runways, I decided to take my look in a street style direction, trading the skirt for a button-up A-line skirt and adding a pair of knee socks to complete the look. Not only does this combination cover the feminine turtleneck look that A.L.C. conquered, but it also establishes similar punk undertones by adding a dark palette into the wardrobe and the Wednesday Addams knee socks that many women on the streets strive for. Pair it with the handful of fashion books and the look is complete.

My outfit includes a charcoal, cropped turtleneck from Express to cover that prep-school chic statement. I chose a turtleneck that’s fitted to my body shape and cropped to give it more edge, opposed to wearing an oversized turtleneck for strict comfort. Mixing it with the dark knee socks makes this a streetwear look. The heels give extra length in order to exaggerate the look even more. If you don’t feel like wearing a heeled shoe, feel free to swap this look with a knee length boot for a more preppy vibe.

Feel free to improvise this look into your own, focusing on your own vision of a prep school alter-ego. Since I’m easily inspired by punk undertones, I decided to exaggerate this look a step further by complementing it with a smokey eye and nude lip color by NARS.

Get My Look: 1. A turtleneck that fits your body shape. 2. A pair of knee socks. 3. An A-line skirt.