It is finally starting to feel like spring in Ohio! Although, true, we had a blizzard last week, and the temperatures rarely ever stay like they should, at least for now it feels like spring. The transition between seasons often leaves me scratching my head, trying to figure out what I can wear that won’t leave me freezing in the morning and sweating in the afternoon.

This outfit is the perfect compromise for the breezy, chilly mornings and the warm, sunny afternoons spring brings us. This sweater is comfy and lightweight, and the added flow and fraying at the neckline gives this outfit a more boho vibe. One of the biggest trends from the last couple seasons has been bralettes, and I like the contrast between the light, cream-colored sweater and the rich, dark plum color of the bralette. The color of the charm on the necklace helps to pull out the color of the bralette. A simple necklace with a fun charm is an easy way to spice up any simple spring outfit.

These classic skinny jeans make this outfit comfy and versatile, and are perfect for the spring weather, but by far my favorite part of this outfit are the shoes. The color is light enough that they are not hard to match with different outfits, but the pink still adds a fun pop of color to any outfit. Plus, the comfort level in Birkenstocks makes them great for running to and from classes all day. The shoes are perfect to keep my feet comfortable all spring long, and they can easily be transitioned into summer outfits. Here’s to hoping this spring weather is here to stay!