STYLE GURU STYLE: Pop of Color on a Gloomy Day

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pop of Color on a Gloomy Day

Being home for spring break is wonderful when it’s been compromised by a blizzard, right? Well, since I refuse to let this crazy midwest weather get the best of my spring fever, I will still wear my bright, spring colors and patterns, no matter the weather.

I rocked the culottes trend throughout fall and winter and will continue to do so throughout spring and summer. The styles and patterns of the pant are evolving with the season, which means they’re here to stay for a bit, and I’m truly digging that.

Another great transitional piece are ankle boots. These boots are so versatile, and whether they’re a classic black that is a staple year-round or if they’re a bit on the wild side, they can be paired with any outfit and are guaranteed to be comfortable for both day and night. Truly the perfect shoe, regardless of the time of year.

I was slightly upset that I had to add my coat on top, but I honestly believe this coat is great for fall, winter, and spring. It’s that classic, straight cut, which has always been in and continues to remake it’s debut time and time again. I don’t mind because jacket season is always dreaded, so classic coats that you can just chuck on are fantastic.

For my blizzard look, which contrary to its appearance, kept me quite warm, I wanted to make a statement with my stripped culottes from Zara. I adore the comfort that these allow along with the put-together look. I normally would wear these pants with a solid black top, but I was feeling I needed some color on a snowy day, so I threw on a mustard yellow sweater from H&M. I was feeling quite matchy with this, so I decided to take that a step further and add my cream coat from Zara for some added warmth. To finish this look, I wore a patent leather, black ankle boot from Office. I also added my trusty Ray-Bans because that snow can be blinding!