STYLE GURU STYLE: Pleather Weather

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pleather Weather

Howdy and happy holidays everyone! Fall is winding down and finals are slowly creeping upon us but I know I can find sanity in my Mariah Carey Christmas Pandora station. I have been drinking hot cocoa since the beginning of September and the second the thirteen nights of Halloween were over, my Twelve Days of Christmas started. Knowing the holidays are right around the corner along with the cold winter weather, let’s divulge into the remaining warm days of fall that we have left and wear these rad trends right out of season.

In upstate NY the temperature fluctuates a lot. One day can be 35 degrees and the next 70 degrees. With mother nature on my side these past few weeks, the warm temperatures have kept my skirts and bare legs out to see the sun as well. Leather skirts are a huge trend this season as they always are. I paired my skirt with a slim fitting burgundy turtleneck and a favorite leather jacket of mine for a sleek edgy vibe. On my feet I have a classic pair of tan suede booties that can also be worn with almost anything! The fringe bag is a favorite of mine and has been a timeless trend since the ’80s, as with leather.

Bags are my favorite thing to add to a going out look; whether it be to a family dinner for Thanksgiving or a date night with your bae. You never know when you’re going to need lipstick, a quick candy fix or a phone charger. The fringe bag creates a more street-wear chic tone to the look as well. Quick tip for my East Coast ladies: layering is a must with the up and down weather so always having a jacket nearby is must! Beanie season is upon us so be sure to stock up on some warm winter essentials as well!

I would wear this look to a family dinner paired with knee-high black socks or even swap out the suede booties and pair the look with a sleek pair of loafers. The options are endless when it comes to working with leather.

There are so many styles and materials that can be worn throughout fall before winter comes. Get out there and rock your leather skirt and flaunt your suede booties, leggings and jackets. Happy holidays Fashionistas/os and always remember to stay classy, sassy and beautiful!

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