STYLE GURU STYLE: Playful in Prints

April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

For me, the newest styles and trends that come around each season are what make the weather changing even more exciting. Now that it’s becoming more socially acceptable to show my ghost-like skin, I can finally hibernate my winter clothing (fingers crossed) and jump into this spring’s newest fashions. One aspect we saw a lot of during fall fashion shows for this spring was prints. In Diane von Furstenberg’s spring ready-to-wear show, she took her signature wrap dress for a major update. Prints were all over her show, including her first look: a babydoll black and white gingham dress. Along with bra tops and Kendall Jenner spottings, Diane von Furstenberg makes it easy for anyone to feel casual and comfortable yet classy.

In order to fit in with this newest print spring trend, I wore my snakeskin flats. In my opinion, throwing on a printed shoe is the easiest way to turn a simple outfit up about five notches. One statement item makes it a little easier to complete the overall look that you’re trying to go for. Paired with my flats are my favorite black skinny jeans; they’re comfy enough to be casual, yet the black color adds a little edge.

Another look that’s becoming one of my favorites is anything jean up on top. The material is so unique as a shirt that you don’t ever need to add that much more to it. I added silver necklace layers to my simple jean shirt to accessorize. Trying not to go overboard with accessories, I’m using my favorite black clutch that seems to go with just about anything. Make sure to try all kinds of prints this season and be on the lookout for even the combination of multiple ones!

Get My Look: 1. Snakeskin flats. 2. Casual jean shirt. 3. Simple black clutch.