STYLE GURU STYLE: Plaid Leather Mix-up

Ah, fall fashion; something everyone should be looking forward to when the colder season sneaks up on us. Being cold is by no means something I enjoy, but bundling up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate is. Oh, and the stunning clothing that comes with it all.

When watching all of the various runway shows, Marc Jacobs always seems to draw me in with his grunge vibe, especially during his fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Layers are the most important aspect of fall and winter fashion, and that is exactly what was focused on during this show. The collection had a good variety of patterns and colors, as well as depth to the outfits. What really stood out to me was the strong focus on the blend of plaid and leather. To me, that just screams fall fashion. Leather is one of my favorite fabrics to wear not only because of its warmth, but because of its grunge aesthetic.

My inspirations for this show lead me to layer up with the obvious mixture of plaid and leather. I wanted to add a cute flowing dress, but in order to keep warm, tall boots were a necessity. On top, I added a leather jacket with a plaid scarf. The scarf is large enough to keep my face warm from that torturous winter wind, while providing a cozy aesthetic to my look. The jacket is warm, yet light enough to easily carry once I’m in warmer conditions. All together, the outfit is great for the chillier weather, but charming enough to feel good while enduring it.

Get My Look: 1. A leather jacket. 2. A dress. 3. A pair of black boots. 4. A plaid scarf. 5. A purse.