It’s finally springtime! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been itching to unpack those spring pastels for some time now. This year in particular, I’ve found myself mesmerized every time I walk into a store, greeted by a spectrum of delicate pinks, blues, and lavenders.

Pink has always been a favorite of mine, but I’m somewhat afraid of color-overload. Because of this, I often find myself reverting back to black, white, gray, and denim. What I love about pastels is that they are muted but at the same time can add a pop to an outfit. With pink being the current of-the-moment color, I’ve been overwhelmed with springtime outfit inspiration to the point where I’ve even created a pink mood board.

When I saw this jacket, I first tried it on over an all black outfit and was immediately hooked. It was the perfect way for me to get my pink fix while still staying comfortable in my black and white staples. This outfit in particular incorporates tons of my favorite wardrobe elements into one. I absolutely love wearing my mom jeans with a black belt, a plain white long-sleeve, my black booties. Once I put the pink jacket on I felt like a character from Grease—so to top it all off, I added my favorite silk scarf. This outfit had a fun, slightly vintage vibe, and it felt like the perfect transition outfit into spring.

When you’re a muted-toned type of gal, it’s always nice to know there is a color out there that aligns with your style and makes you feel confident. So here’s a thank you to all of the pastels in the world right now, particularly the pinks. May you grace the wardrobes of us all this spring.